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  • Model: Quest Pro
  • Brand: Meta
  • Type: VR

Oculus Meta Quest Pro VR Headset – 256Gb

Series Oculus Quest Pro, Colour Black,

Polycarbonate Body

Rs. 132,000.00
Rs. 99,999.00
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Chip Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+

Graphic 1800 x 1920 Resolution Per Eye

Controller Meta Quest Touch Pro


256GB Storage

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Additional features Meta

Wifi and Bluetooth, Up to 2 hours battery life
LCD 90Hz ,Built-in Speaker
1 Year Warranty, Android for VR
Dimensions: 265 x 196 x 127 mm
Weight: 722 g
October 25, 2022


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Oculus Meta Quest Pro VR Headset – 256Gb

Rs. 132,000.00
Rs. 99,999.00

Meta - VR Description

Take part in a wide range of VR and mixed reality experiences with the Meta Quest Pro VR Headset. The Meta Quest Pro VR headset has some major improvements over the Meta Quest 2, including high-res sensors that enable full-color mixed reality experiences, next-gen pancake optics, and advanced LCD displays that deliver sharp visuals.
Oculus Meta Quest Pro VR Headset – 256Gb
Oculus Meta Quest Pro VR Headset – 256Gb
Oculus Meta Quest Pro VR Headset – 256Gb
The Meta Quest Pro also has a sleek yet comfortable design, complete with guided Fit Adjustment. Eye tracking and Natural Facial Expressions allow for an enhanced social presence. All these improvements means the Meta Quest Pro is ideal for collaborating and working much more naturally in VR. You’ll be able to access the Meta Quest mobile app to find curated collections of mixed reality content, productivity apps that bring your workspace to life, apps, and games that feature hand tracking and leverage social presence.
Meta Quest is for ages 13+. Certain apps, games, and experiences may be higher.
Oculus Meta Quest Pro VR Headset – 256Gb
Full Color Mixed Reality
Full color mixed reality, with a resolution four times higher than the Quest 2, the Meta Quest Pro VR headset allows you to work, create, and collaborate in the virtual world while staying present in the real world. The Meta Quest Pro VR headset features stereoscopic mixed reality passthrough, which combines multiple sensor views to create a natural view of the world in 3D. Compared to monoscopic passthrough solutions, this results in a higher quality and more comfortable experience with better depth perception and fewer visual distortions for both close-up and room scale mixed reality scenarios.
Oculus Meta Quest Pro VR Headset – 256Gb
Next-Gen Optics
The Meta Quest Pro VR headset delivers optimal visual clarity. The optical stack has been slimmed down by over 40% compared to the Quest 2 using Meta’s innovative patented pancake lens and optics technology, which works by folding light inside the optical module. Advanced VR LCD technology delivers 1800 x 1920 pixels per eye, with 37% more pixels per inch (ppi), and 10% more pixels per degree than the Meta Quest 2. Specialized local dimming technology can control over 500 individual LED blocks independently, for 75% more contrast, providing richer and more vibrant colors. Plus, there’s 25% improvement in full-field visual sharpness in the center view, 50% improvement in the peripheral region, and 1.3 times larger color gamut than Quest 2.
High Performance Hardware
The Meta Quest Pro VR headset features the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ platform, which is optimized for VR to run at 50% more power than the Quest 2 with better thermal dissipation and performance. It also has 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage capacity. The ten advanced VR/MR sensors support six degrees of freedom inside-out SLAM tracking.
Natural Avator Expression
Bring more of your personality into virtual experiences with real-time expression tracking. With five infrared eye and face tracking sensors capable of a 120° field of view each, arranged in an optimal array to capture your upper and lower facial movements, the Meta Quest Pro is designed to deliver more expressiveness with greater precision when compared to other solutions with fewer sensors.
Touch Pro Controllers
Each of the Touch Pro controllers include three cameras and a Snapdragon mobile processor, providing 360° range of motion in your virtual space. TruTouch haptic feedback and precision pinch motion create an intuitive VR feel so the controllers act like natural extensions of your hands.
Flexible Levels of Immersion
The Meta Quest Pro VR headset offers adjustable levels of VR immersion from fully opened peripheral vision to partial blocked (included) or fully immersed (accessory sold separately). You can modify your VR immersiveness to match your needs. The innovative optical design allows for an eye box that covers a wider range of interpupillary distances, with a range of 55 to 75 mm. The continuous mechanical lens spacing adjustment delivers optimal visual clarity and less eye strain.
Enhanced Audio
Meta added greater fidelity to the built-in audio system, with a dynamic bass extension that in most cases can deliver over a half octave deeper bass tones, and crystal clear midrange to make conversations sound more natural, music sound better, and gameplay sound exciting. Combined with spatial audio processing, the audio will enhance the VR experience. Meta also considered those times when you want greater privacy for calls and meetings, by reducing sound leakage by over 10 dB compared to Quest 2, making it harder for someone to hear your audio even when standing next to you. The enhanced three-mic array provides over 20% better noise canceling and advanced beamforming than the 2-mic array on the Quest 2.
Fast Wi-Fi 6E Wireless Connectivity
The Meta Quest Pro VR headset features Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax) 6 GHz wireless connectivity. This means the headset can deliver up to 1.6 Gb/s throughput, doubling the bandwidth over the Meta Quest 2. More bandwidth means a better untethered PC VR experience, such as remote desktop streaming. The headset also has custom-built tiny antennas that are smaller than the ones on the Quest 2.
Disclaimer: Full Wi-Fi 6E support coming early 2023. Requires Wi-Fi 6E compatible network. Only available in supported Wi-Fi 6E regions.
The headset features balanced ergonomics with a sleek design to provide a comfortable VR experience, allowing you to wear it for long periods of time.
Charging Dock Included
The included Charging Dock is designed for effortless system charging with a rapid 45W power adapter to keep the Meta Quest Pro VR headset and Touch Pro controllers ready whenever your creativity strikes.
Multitasking Made Easy
Pop open multiple resizable screens so you can organize tasks, work on ideas, stream podcasts, or message friends. You can do all this all while staying present in your office or at your desk.
Backwards Compatibility
You’ll be able to access the Meta Quest 2 app catalog so you can enjoy all your favorite games, entertainment apps, and more.
Unique Default Home Environment
Invite friends and family to your virtual personal space where you can enjoy the Home Environment designed especially for the Meta Quest Pro.

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