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Welcome to the ultimate crossroads of gaming excellence! At HIPER, we offer two captivating paths to take your gaming experience to new heights - Ready-to-Ship PCs and Build Your Own PC.

Ready To Ship

Power and Performance, Delivered to Your Doorstep
Instant gratification awaits with our Ready-to-Ship PCs. Immerse yourself in the gaming world immediately, as our pre-built machines are meticulously crafted for peak performance. No waiting, no hassle - just pure gaming joy delivered straight to your doorstep. Choose from our exceptional selection of high-end variants, each engineered to tackle the latest games with ease. Get gaming and working instantly, as our Ready-to-Ship PCs promise an unparalleled journey into the realm of gaming marvels.

Build Your Own Hiper

Your Creative Gaming Masterpiece
If you crave total control and creative freedom, our Build Your Own PC option is the way to go. Embrace the thrill of crafting your dream machine from scratch, hand-picking every component to suit your unique preferences. With expert guidance and a wide range of premium components at your disposal, your gaming vision becomes a reality. Evolve and expand your PC over time, tailor it to your needs, and experience the satisfaction of building your very own masterpiece. At HIPER, the sky's the limit, and the power is in your hands.


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160+ Cities Served

2 Branches

Lifetime Support

3 Year Doorstep warranty

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Luxury Peripherals


Power and Performance, Delivered to Your Doorstep

Engineer & Architects

Crafted to empower engineers in their pursuit of groundbreaking solutions and technological advancements.


Graphic & Animation

Designed to empower developers with cutting-edge tools and performance for coding excellence.


Gaming & Streaming

Each offering an unparalleled gaming experience.


Research & Development

Each curated to elevate architectural design and visualization to new heights.


Traders & Coders

Designed to equip traders with advanced tools and insights for seamless decision-making and successful market navigation.


Table PC, Wall PC and Other Workstation

Transform your workspace with HIPER's innovative Table PCs, Wall PCs, and other workstations. Sleek and versatile performance meets space optimization and aesthetics, fueling productivity and creativity. Choose the perfect fit for your unique needs and elevate your work to new heights.

Ignite Your Gaming Passion


Ignite Your Gaming Passion


Introducing HEATBLAST, the ultimate entry-level gaming powerhouse that sets the gaming world ablaze. Engineered for passionate gamers seeking top-notch performance, HEATBLAST delivers an unrivaled gaming experience that elevates your gameplay to new heights. With the ability to play the latest games at high settings and achieve a smooth 60FPS, every moment becomes a thrilling adventure.

HEATBLAST is meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of gaming enthusiasts, offering a seamless transition from consoles to the realm of PC gaming. Embrace an extensive library of games and take advantage of the best prices in the market. Designed for adaptability, HEATBLAST allows for easy upgrades to expand storage, memory, and key components like processors and graphics cards, ensuring your PC evolves with your gaming ambitions.

With HEATBLAST, you're always one step ahead, as it provides a gaming experience that grows with you. Embrace the immersive power of HEATBLAST and unleash your gaming potential like never before. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace a gaming journey that knows no bounds with HEATBLAST.

Elevate Your Gaming Experience


Elevate Your Gaming Experience


Introducing WILDVINE, the next level of gaming excellence, surpassing even HEATBLAST. Crafted for gamers seeking a little more power, WILDVINE takes your gaming passion to extraordinary heights. With enhanced capabilities and noticeable style upgrades, WILDVINE strikes the perfect balance between affordability and performance.

Experience gaming like never before with WILDVINE's silky smooth graphics and the ability to play your favorite games at high and ultra settings, achieving a remarkable 60FPS and beyond. Embrace a seamless and immersive gameplay experience that leaves you in awe.

While WILDVINE may forgo some lavish extras typically found on more expensive systems, it nails key performance factors like raw speed and grunt, delivering exceptional value for price and performance.

Elevate your gaming experience with WILDVINE and enjoy a gaming journey that knows no bounds. Take on any gaming challenge with confidence and make your mark in the gaming realm with WILDVINE.

Unleash the Enthusiast's Power


Unleash the Enthusiast's Power


Introducing ATOMIX, the next level of gaming prowess, surpassing even WILDVINE. Designed to unlock more possibilities, ATOMIX encroaches on online streaming and competitive gaming territory, taking your gaming experience to new heights.

With a higher premium, ATOMIX offers more premium quality and expanded options, catering to gamers who seek to elevate their gaming passion further. Embrace the ever-increasing performance and sleek design that opens up a world of possibilities for the enthusiast-level audience.

ATOMIX goes beyond the ordinary, providing you with advanced features like overclocking, designed to help you squeeze even more out of your system. Experience ultimate versatility and push the boundaries of your gaming potential with ATOMIX.

Step into the realm of enthusiast-level gaming with ATOMIX and embrace a gaming journey that knows no limits. Take on streaming and competitive gaming with confidence and redefine excellence in the gaming world with ATOMIX.

Unleash Gaming Supremacy


Unleash Gaming Supremacy


Introducing HUMANGASAUR, the next level of gaming supremacy, surpassing even ATOMIX. With a wider stance on aesthetics and performance, HUMANGASAUR takes your gaming experience to unparalleled heights.

Featuring a heavy-duty chassis and stunning lighting effects, HUMANGASAUR strikes the perfect balance for gamers seeking huge frame rates to play the latest games at ultra settings, all while boasting envy-inducing aesthetics.

Embrace the modern features of HUMANGASAUR, making it an excellent investment for gamers who desire a high-performance system that turns heads. With HUMANGASAUR, you not only experience unmatched gaming power but also have the flexibility to expand and grow your system over the years.

Unleash gaming supremacy with HUMANGASAUR and immerse yourself in a gaming journey that leaves a lasting impression. Embrace the ultimate gaming experience and redefine excellence with HUMANGASAUR.

Unleash the Dominant High-End Gaming Powerhouse


Unleash the Dominant High-End Gaming Powerhouse


Introducing ULTIMATRIX, the ultimate next-level PC, and the high-end pinnacle of our store, surpassing even HUMANGASAUR. With no quarter given and no compromises made, ULTIMATRIX is designed to be the best of the best, utilizing the absolute top-tier components in our inventory.

This behemoth system is not only dominant in stature but commands a formidable presence and wields devastating power. Equipped with the most powerful processors and graphics cards on the market, ULTIMATRIX stands as a best-in-class gaming PC, built for top-tier enthusiasts to conquer anything and everything.

If you're ready to make the leap to 4K gaming, ULTIMATRIX is where you need to cast your eyes. Embrace the dominant high-end powerhouse and immerse yourself in a gaming experience like no other with ULTIMATRIX. Unleash the ultimate gaming marvel and embrace the unmatched power of ULTIMATRIX.